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Each committee will be moderated and instructed by a chair and a co-chair. Committee Guidelines and Country Matrix will be provided after a delegate's application is complete. Delegates must refer to the Delegate Guide prior to the conference. All enquiries and issues must be directed to the relevant Chair/Dias-member. Note that the committee size is only relevant for the awards allocated (refer to Delegate Guide). Similarly, the experience level is meant to be merely an educated guideline for committee preferences; there are no requirements set in stone and delegates are encouraged to apply to whichever committee they see fit. 

UN Security Council (UNSC)

The United Nations Security Council, one of the UN’s key organs enjoys extended powers, as including the imposition of sanctions on Member States and the deployment of peacekeeping forces. Composed of fifteen member states, its primary task is maintaining and establishing peace around the world. The topic to be discussed is the Growing Concerns of Biological Warfare.

Committee Size: Small
Experience Level: Expert

UN General Assembly 1: DISEC

The UN General Assembly First Committee (the Disarmament and International Security Committee) deals with disarmament, global challenges and threats to peace that affect the international community and seeks sustainable solutions for those issues. The topic on DISEC’s agenda will be the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons; a subject of immense relevance to international politics.

Committee Size: Large
Experience Level: Intermediate

UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC)

The UN Human Rights Council is responsible for strengthening the promotion and protection of all human rights around the globe. It also addresses any violation of human rights and makes recommendations on them. The topic on the UNHRC's agenda is a topic that has sparked interest and fueled debate in the recent past; Police Brutality against Racial and Religious Minorities

Committee Size: Medium
Experience Level: Intermediate

Supreme War Council

The Supreme War Council is a Historical Crisis Committee (HCC) where delegates’ actions will immediately affect the perpetual crisis at hand, and the plots that delegates will be asked to deal with are only partially revealed, making for an unpredictable and volatile, but undoubtedly exciting, experience. It is a  War Cabinet of the Allied Powers in the Great War

Committee Size: Small
Experience Level: Expert

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